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Pleased to announce that my piece, "Ballerina," will be featured on an international platform for women, 'Literoma.'

The story is about a young girl who learns the power of girl-girl friendships. And that she, like all girls, is a ballerina in heart!

An excerpt from the piece:

Okay,” I said, taking a long deep breath. I let my body go loose in his arms. The first song was over, the next one came, and I was laughing, light on my feet, and I could see Miranda beaming on the sidelines. I knew she was happy for me. She liked him, too, but she was still happy for me. On the second song ending, he twirled me around, like he had done April, and now I felt like the ballerina on my jewelry box. Dainty, pretty, with a pink smile.
But his arms didn’t bring me back, and I could see Miranda’s face go long right before I fell back. My butt slammed against the laminated wood floor. My dress flopped up, and I had to slap it down to hide my panties. People snickered as I tried to stand back up, but I was dizzy."
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