Cattails in The Fall

My short story, "Cattails in the Fall," was published by Finding the Birds Literary Journal. Getting this story published means a lot to me because this story is about a cause very dear to my heart.

Climate change.

The story parallels climate change with the dust bowl using symbology to describe the disharmonious relationship humankind currently has with Mother Earth.

It is a story I spent many hours working on. And a fun note: I have chickens, two of which are named Betty and Boop:) Betty and Boop make a small cameo in the story, but an important one. We are not alone on Earth, but rather surrounded by many companions (spiders, beetles, chickens, lambs, lions, etc.) What we do to them, we do to ourselves.

We are not the web, but merely a strand of the web.

A link to the story:

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