She'd Say

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Pleased to announce that three of my pieces will be published in ISSUE 6 of Credo Espoir's literary space.

"She'd Say" (A short story about my sweet grandmother, Peggy)

"Blossom's Bosom" (A short story about the fragility of our existence)

"An Unkind Place" (A short poem about finding kind people to lean on in tough times)

Link to the Work:

(Excerpt from She'd Say):

Buttercup, get up now, Grandma done cooked us a big breakfast,” she’d say. I would wiggle, pretending to wake up, rubbing my eyes, and sitting up to see her warm face beaming. A face I loved beyond the moon. In truth, the patter of her old feet had already woken me, but I would lay in bed, lingering, listening to all the sounds of breakfast cooking. Eggs being cracked against the steel of a gas stove, bacon sizzling and popping in a hot pan, the rolling of dough for biscuits. Grandma made real biscuits, not the kind from cans. With my face flat on one of her worn pillows, I’d envision her with a cigarette in mouth, rolling the wet dough with her hands, and then taking a cup and using the open end of it to cut small circles for biscuits. She would pick the circles out, sitting them on a pan buttered and ready, then roll the excess dough flat again, starting over. Sort-a like life, starting over, and over again."

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