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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Pleased to announced that my short story, "Dolls," has been published by Siren Publications, and will also be read by Horrorific Podcast, premiering on November 6th of 2020. Listen here!

An excerpt from the story:

"...The room was a mess. The linens from the king-sized bed lay tangled on the floor with sand, clothes, and a gold bracelet. The sand from the beach of Waikiki, now just debris in a cruise boat cabin to be vacuumed away. Galina looked at the wreckage before her with trembling hands. And David, the man she loved, sprawled on the bed in front of her, naked and dead—deader than a doornail. Galina had to admire him one last time, he was a man to be admired. She climbed on top of him, moving her fingers over his lips, still warm to the touch. It frightened her, him being so warm, still; as if she screamed loud enough, he would bounce back up, asking her about dinner."

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Ashton W
Ashton W
Sep 05, 2021

Great readingg your blog

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