White Coon

Pleased to announce my short story, "White Coon," is being published by Draft Mag! This story is close to my heart because it centers on the theme of animal welfare, and what cause is greater than the elevation of our brothers and sisters in fur, and feather?

An Excerpt from the Piece:

She knew Berturd would laugh at her if she unlatched the cage’s lock, and she knew Bill would be upset. She also knew they were both used to her by now, and wouldn’t laugh or be upset too long, so when Berturd went inside for a siesta from the sun, Shirley walked over to the cage and fed the coon a handful of berries, then she let him go. She watched as he ran away. He only turned once to make sure she wasn’t after him.
'Go on little one,' is all Shirley could say. She took comfort that his belly was full of berries and that he could make it through another night. And maybe she would live another night too. She figured that was fair enough.
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